Journal Entry 18 English 1010

I have looked online for blog posts dealing with my genre. The genre I have chosen is movies and film. The first one of my chosen blog posts I looked at a short article. Its main purpose was to tell that a trailer for captain america 3 will launch with star wars 7. The second of my articles is about a movie made in Bollywood. It was evaluating the movie and discussing on whether or not a squeal should be made.The final of my three articles was a review that came out about a month ago called Sicario. Its main purpose was to tell the reader how good the movie was. The reviewer himself seemed to enjoy the movie. (Even if it  was a very dark depressing movie.) To this end I have noticed many elements of deign that are similar in each one. For example most have a picture or a video of the movie in question. This I imagine is used to add context and show some of what is being talked about. In these two articles the criteria were given to support there conclusions. This gave added proof to their claims. Due to both of these factors I find that these articles use effective use of design and narrative choices. Too close I have also looked in the book and found several design choices I will use for my Assignment. These include being careful about my image or video choice. To quote the book on page 676 “images used in the document should contribute to the overall impression a document makes on the audience. A poorly selected image could weaken an otherwise effective document.” I will use a good use of colors to draw in my viewers. Finally I will use a good font style and size to allow the readers to see and understand my words correctly.

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